© Simon Beraud - 2024 - All Rights Reserved

© Simon Beraud - 2024 - All Rights Reserved

The Struggle

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A concrete wall, a woman...
The doubts and certainties of life that intertwine in the perpetual movement of time, and come clearer through the picture…
My struggles with this time… The love that I strive for - a love that I keep on researching and that I keep on interrogating through the act of photographing. 
The coldness of the concrete wall, the warmth of my lover’s body that moves, shades, lightens up on this wall : she melts into this wall that reveals her doubts, her fears, her fragilities, her desires : it reveals her lights and her shadows - just as much as it reveals mine…
In some kind of mirror effect, the wall and I act as a reflection to her inner self - the wall and she act as a reflection to my inner self. What happens within - what happens between her and I, through this wall on which we project ourselves : photography reveals it all.