© Simon Beraud - 2023 - All Rights Reserved

© Simon Beraud - 2023 - All Rights Reserved

Departures II



At a time of doubts, far from a Europe that makes me flee - doubts fueled by global tension -
a ’’general plan’’ : rises in extremism, fanaticism, racism, recession,  Brexit, covid, war in Ukraine...
My eyes are lost in the far-aways, on a beach of Tel Aviv that writes poems with her waves - come to rest on her sands...
A photo, then another : des 'clics'.
Photographing more, I started conceiving and really understanding the sand as a foundation :
the foundation of spiritualities, of cities, of an economy : of a people.
More broadly, this work stems from a reflection on roots, human nature and on social-cultural heritage.
It’s a homage to the History and to the spirit of Israel.