© Simon Beraud - 2023 - All Rights Reserved

© Simon Beraud - 2023 - All Rights Reserved


Traveling at the South / East-South Borders of the European Union 


The departure, it's the impulsion at the point 'i' of a passage towards an unknown point 'x', and it is all that this movement implicates.
It's the departure of the child who, discovering life elsewhere, out of a ''home'' - and who, encountering other destinies than his, other sounds, views, spaces - goes towards adulthood; it's the memory that forms as much as it deforms itself...

Around 2017, moved by my curiosity and by the solar aspects that I already felt during a life time in Greece, I started traveling to the South / East-South borders of the European Union - to those ''entry-exit'' points of this confort zone : in the balkans, in Moldova, in Ukraine : towards those places that became almost-deserts, emptied of their youth, of their wealth - because of war, crisis,