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Simon Beraud is a french photographer.
Taught in music, cameras follow him since childhood.
His fascination of the human, the practice of his tools and his curiosity make him evolve personally through photography.
He photographs first to understand what he feels : he conceives this medium to document both life in society and the life of emotions. 
He affirms the subjectivity of his point of view. Always searching for a closeness - intimacy with the subject, his work translates in an empathic way, questions that are intrinsic to existence in society, to daily life on Earth: questions about identity, roots and uprooting, love, longing and belonging, cultural heritage..
Navigating between documentary photography, photo-diary and art photography, his style defines itself by a dark and yet solar aspect - by a rawness and at the same time a naive softness - some kind of melancholy, nostalgia, silence.
He develops his personal projects on the long term, and also works on assignments.
He lives between Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv.

2012 - 2016

The Lab, Brussels.
ATOZ, Commissions.
EuroRSCG, Commissions.


Life Framer, Editor’s choice: « Heaven Under Our Feet ».


Head on photo festival.
Lucie Foundation.
Life Framer & Ron Haviv, "Urban Stories".
Life Framer Edition V x London.
Open Eye Gallery, Now For The Future - ’Leaving Home’.


In The In Between, ‘Départs'.
"Chez Greg", Prague, 'Départs’.
FotoRoomOPEN, foto forum Edition, 'Départs’ (X Espace Jorg Brockmann).
2 Bridges Review, ‘Départs’.
Head-On photo fest.
Yayaki Hotel, Commission.


Nominee, Fine Art Photography Award.


ComExposium, Commision.
Haklika Gallery, Tel Aviv, G.
Sept&Demi, Commission.


F-Stop, feature
Haklika Gallery (upcoming), Land